Meet the Trichologist

Tara L. Pross: Certified Trichologist and Hair Loss Solutionist

Tara L. Pross is a highly respected Certified Trichologist and Hair Loss Solutionist dedicated to helping individuals overcome hair and scalp issues. With extensive training and a deep understanding of hair biology, Tara provides personalized solutions to her clients, ensuring they achieve optimal hair health.

Driven by a passion for improving the lives of those dealing with hair loss, Tara combines scientific knowledge with a compassionate approach. She stays updated with the latest advancements in trichology and hair restoration techniques, offering her clients the most effective treatments available.

Tara specializes in Integrated Hair Systems, Bonded Toppers, and Hair Extensions, offering products that help maintain the health of the hair. She provides a highly customized approach to each client in need of a hair piece, with systems including Mesh Integration, Fishnet Integration, and Bonded Toppers. As a cranial prosthesis specialist, she works with cancer patients to provide custom wigs and assists clients in obtaining insurance coverage for their hair pieces.

Her expertise covers a wide range of hair and scalp conditions, from genetic hair loss to scalp disorders. She is committed to educating her clients about their unique hair needs and empowering them with the knowledge to maintain healthy hair.

When she’s not consulting with clients, Tara enjoys spending time with her family. Tara’s dedication to her craft and her clients has made her a trusted name in hair care and restoration.